Build your

Unlock the power of digital ownership and leverage customer engagement with NFT campaigns & reward automation.

It’s time for your brand to create hybrid loyalty and exclusivity

Full customization & quick launch

In less than 5 minutes, our end-to-end solution allows you to create multiple types of NFT campaigns and launch them to your audience without any 3rd party.

Attract new audience & identify NFT adopters

Become attractive to younger generations by using an innovative customer engagement approach and re-invent your loyalty strategy.

Data & reward automation

Build a reward-token automation funnel and analyze the engagement data from your customers in real-time.

Generate extra revenue & build new acquisition channels

Turn your products, services, loyalty, events, and exclusive experience into NFT and provide easy solutions for your customers to own it.
Why Should You Consider NFTs for Your Loyalty Program?
The uniqueness of owning an NFT creates a sense of exclusive experience for your customers and fans.

It unlocks a wide range of opportunities for you and them. Such as being able to send & receive rewards smoothly and resell some tokens to their friends, helping you to increase your brand community and generate extra revenue.

Turning your brand assets into NFTs is also the best way to meet the new expectations of young customers and build powerful next-gen loyalty.

Everything is Easy

  • Build campaigns in a few minutes
  • Easy branding integration
  • No technical skills required

Full Security

  • Powered by blockchain technology
  • Digital assets & transactions secured
  • Brand protection & ownership rights

High Customer Experience

  • Credit card payment
  • No crypto needed
  • Quick payment link integration
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