Create unique campaigns

Creating NFT campaigns is now super easy with our user-friendly solution helping you to quickly master the future of e-commerce

  • Create your campaign from A to Z thanks to our end-to-end solution and reach a new level of innovation to your e-commerce and marketing campaigns
  • Turn any exclusive product or service into Non-Fungible Token powered by blockchain technology without having any Web3 expertise or knowledge
  • Customize communication to your buyers with your brand’s tone of voice for any purchase and redeem actions
  • Provide to your consumers a simple way to purchase, resell and redeem your NFTs through integrated links for your e-commerce and social medias
Develop Customer Loyalty

Today, consumers are looking for getting exclusive experience with their favorite brands and NFTs is the best way to build additional engagement and loyalty

  • Build a sense of exclusivity and ownership by providing customers with one-of-a-kind digital assets that they can own and trade
  • Create an emotional connection with customers by tapping into their interests and passions thanks to exclusive experience
  • Incentivize your consumers by rewarding them for their engagement with exclusive NFTs that can only be earned through specific actions
  • Increase consumer engagement and retention by creating an ongoing relationship with your consumers provided by NFT ownership
Expand New Audience

Discover new pools of consumers and identify your NFT buyers in order to build an strong community of engaged consumers

  • Increase your brand’s exposure by leveraging the growing interest in blockchain and NFTs in order to attract new potential buyers
  • Become more attractive to younger generations by embracing modern and innovative marketing and e-commerce
  • Go viral on social medias thanks to the power of NFT networks and generate significant awareness for your brand among new audiences
  • Develop cross-branding strategies with NFT as a tool for creative collaborations between your and other brands
Track Sales & Data

NFTs help brands to acquiire high end data and understanding about your consumers and the market behaviour thanks to the blokchain technology

  •  Get a high level of transparency in sales data for a brand thanks to the recording of every transaction on the blockchain and can be easily tracked and verified
  •  Obtain full traceability of the ownership and transfer of ownership of your digital assets, which is useful for tracking additional information from your audience
  • Track the growth of a secondary market by enabling the seller to receive a portion of the resale price, which can provide a new revenue stream for a brand such as royalties
  • Gather strong analytics on sales trends and consumer behavior to better target your marketing efforts and improve overall sales performance