Use Case: Kyiv Ethereum and Primsell

KYIV ETHEREUM is a community of individuals with common interests who are engaged in research around economics, governance, tech, and projects in the general Ethereum ecosystem. The community is composed of developers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders who share a common interest in Ethereum and its associated technologies.


The primary objective of the KEC is to foster loyalty in the Ukrainian Tech community, create knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation within the Ethereum ecosystem. Members of the community come together through various events, meetups, workshops, and online platforms to discuss Ethereum-related topics, share experiences, showcase projects, and explore new developments in the field. The challenge was to showcase the potential of blockchain in event management, with the aim of increasing member loyalty to the KEC. This initiative also aimed to create a social impact by generating added value through the collection of funds.


The Kyiv Ethereum Community has been utilizing Primsell’s redeemable NFTs to manage ticket sales for their series of meetups, proving how blockchain technology can revolutionize event organization. The use of NFTs for ticketing likely attracted more people to purchase tickets, encouraging them to explore and experience the new ticketing flow. 

But the collaboration didn’t stop at ticket sales! The community channeled the collected funds towards the Ua Cats Division NFT project, dedicated to supporting the Ukrainian army. 

To reward loyal attendees, the Kyiv Ethereum Community leveraged Primsell’s loyalty feature. Attendees of the 9th and 10th meetups entered a draw to win Ua Cats Division NFTs.


Number of sold tickets: indicating a successful turnout and interest from the community, KEC sold  500 tickets.

Collected data: all information was successfully collected in the KEC account of Primsell, including a participant’s wallet data, which will be utilized for future actions. It will enable KEC to invite participants to new events and achieve a new level of engagement via loyalty features by giving discounts or benefits.

Attraction of more buyers: KEC can now stimulate community members to invite others to leverage their existing network, reselling NFT tickets by connecting interested buyers, creating a secondary market for NFT tickets fostering a sense of exclusivity and value.

Number of awarded cats: КЕС opened the possibility making the donation process more interesting. Anyone who came to the 9 or 10 events, had a chance to win a UA Cats Division NFT. Overall, 10 cats with a total price of 1200$ were distributed to the community via Primsell

Loyalty actions through POAPs: With Primsell, participants no longer need to claim a POAP. They are automatically seeded to the wallets of event attendees. Additionally, organizers have access to wallet data, enabling the creation of additional loyalty opportunities in the future.


Increasing engagement, loyalty, and client retention, the collaboration strengthens the sense of community among members of the KEC, creates visibility and reputation, and showcases the innovative potential of blockchain technology in practical applications.  

By showcasing the successful implementation of Primsell’s redeemable NFTs and loyalty features, the collaboration generates positive publicity and attracts attention from individuals and organizations interested in blockchain technology.

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